Why Is Henry Clerval’S Death Important In Frankenstein?

Henry Clerval was Victor Frankenstein’s childhood friend and the only one who could protect him from becoming a monster himself. Victor described him as having an ‘honorable soul’ and being ‘splendidly sympathetic, so mindful in his liberality, so brimming with graciousness and delicacy in the midst of his enthusiasm’, which was the complete opposite of Victor. Henry had no interest in science, unlike Victor, and was more focused on the ‘ethical relations of things’, which is a way of saying ‘how to be a good person’. Henry was unaware of Victor’s creation, and when Victor broke his promise to the creature to build him a female companion, the creature killed Henry. Justine Moritz, the housekeeper at the Frankenstein residence, was then charged with Henry’s murder, even though she had nothing to do with it. This caused Victor to spiral out of control and regret creating the creature in the first place. When Victor lost touch with his scientific creation, everything went wrong. Human progress controls scientific progress, and Victor’s creation lacked the human progress since Victor ran away after seeing what he had created. Victor viewed his creation as a monster and did not see him for who he was on the inside, but for what he presented. Victor was determined to spend the rest of his life pursuing the creature out of revenge, and he chased him as far as the Arctic Circle before being rescued by Walton.

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