Why hadn’t Europeans used maritime routes before the age of exploration?

Historian Felipe Fernandez-Armesto explains in his book “Pathfinders: A Global History of Exploration” that there were several reasons why Europeans did not use maritime routes before the age of exploration. One of the main reasons was the lack of advanced navigational tools and technology, which made it difficult for mariners to accurately determine their location and navigate the seas. Additionally, ships were not designed to withstand long journeys and lacked the necessary supplies. Europeans also lacked the desire and incentive to venture beyond their immediate surroundings. However, with the end of the Renaissance era, Europe underwent significant changes in technology and ideology, which led to the development of better shipbuilding, navigation, and cartography. The rise of capitalism and the need for new trade routes also fueled the desire for exploration. As a result, European powers established colonies and empires, leading to the age of exploration and the expansion of maritime routes. It was not until the 15th century that technological advancements and ideological changes paved the way for Europeans to begin exploring the world through sea travel.


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