Why Does the Narrator First Dislike the Yellow Wallpaper?

At the start of the story, the narrator expresses her negative feelings towards the yellow wallpaper. She finds the color disturbing and repulsive. She also dislikes the pattern and the fact that it is peeling off. In her opinion, it is the worst wallpaper she has ever seen. This initial reaction sets the stage for the narrator’s deteriorating mental state, as her obsession with the wallpaper grows over time.


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The setting of the story also plays a significant role in the narrator’s anxiety. She is confined to a room that was once a nursery, and her doctor has advised her to do nothing but rest. This lack of activity only exacerbates her depression and contributes to her increasing fixation on the wallpaper.


When the narrator suggests replacing the wallpaper, her husband dismisses her idea, believing that it will not solve the underlying issue. He thinks that she needs to focus on getting well, rather than changing the wallpaper. However, the narrator recognizes that her husband is probably right, and her fixation on the wallpaper is a symptom of her deteriorating mental health.


As the story progresses, the narrator’s obsession with the wallpaper intensifies. She becomes increasingly delusional and believes that there is a woman trapped behind the wallpaper. Her perception of reality becomes distorted, and she starts to lose her grip on sanity. By the end of the story, she has completely succumbed to her obsession and believes that she herself is trapped in the wallpaper.


In conclusion, the yellow wallpaper serves as a metaphor for the narrator’s declining mental health. Her initial negative reaction to the wallpaper foreshadows the obsessive fixation that ultimately leads to her descent into madness. The setting, her husband’s neglect, and her lack of activity all contribute to her deteriorating mental state, ultimately leading to her tragic end.



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