Why Does Odysseus Go To The Underworld?

In Canto Eleven of the Odyssey, Circe advised Odysseus to visit the underworld and consult Tiresias, a blind soothsayer from Thebes, to gain insight into his future journey to Ithaca. Upon arriving in the kingdom of Hades, Odysseus encountered Elpenor, one of his men who had died in Circe’s house, and his mother who had passed away from sorrow. He also encountered Achilles, who stated that he would rather be a poor tenant farmer on earth than rule over the dead in the underworld. This statement made Odysseus realize that Achilles had learned an important lesson in death that he had been blinded to in life: that nothing matters except eternity, not the petty rivalries of men or the reckless anger of a wronged companion. Ultimately, the guidance and assurance from the spirits of the Underworld gave Odysseus wisdom in his decision making.


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