Why Does Gawain Get Rid Of The Girdle?

The green girdle in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight symbolizes Gawain’s internal struggle with his own moral values and his desire to live up to the ideals of chivalry. Initially, he accepts the girdle and wears it, believing it to be a talisman of good luck. However, when he prepares to face the Green Knight, Gawain realizes that the girdle represents his failure to uphold the code of honor. He decides to keep it a secret from Lord Bertilak, breaking his promise of complete honesty. After his encounter with the Green Knight, Gawain is publicly shamed and criticized for his actions, and he realizes that the girdle is a reminder of his guilt and shame. As a result, he gets rid of the girdle, symbolically renouncing his previous actions and vowing to do better in the future. This serves as a testament to Gawain’s character development and his newfound commitment to living a life of honesty, bravery, and honor.


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