Why Does Frankenstein Feel He Has The Right To Take The Life Of His Monster?

Throughout the novel, we observe the struggles Victor goes through to create his creature, as well as the tragedies he faces after bringing him to life. We witness the deaths of his family and friends, and we understand the remorse and loathing Victor feels towards his creation, which he was once so eager to bring into existence. When Victor Frankenstein and his monster meet in the mountains, the monster requests Victor to make him a female companion. The quote “For the first time, also, I felt what the duties of a creator towards his creature were, and that I ought to render him happy before I complained of his wickedness. These motives urged me to comply with his demand” (Shelley 85) illustrates Victor’s comprehension of his obligation as the monster’s creator. Even though Victor Frankenstein comprehends his responsibility to the monster and has consented to make him a companion, after understanding the potential outcomes of bringing another monster to life, he destroys his progress. Now he believes it would be best for the world if he did not make another monster, after seeing the destruction that has already been caused. Having lost everyone he has ever loved, Victor was determined to spend the rest of his life pursuing the creature. He reported that his state of mind was one of extreme agitation and that he was driven into action out of sheer revenge. “And now my wanderings begun, which are to cease but with life…. But revenge kept me alive; I dared not to die and live my adversary in being.” (Shelley 89) For some time, the creator chases his creation; he had tracked him as far as the Arctic Circle when Walton rescued him. To summarize, Victor believes he has the right to take the life of his monster because he recognizes his responsibility as the monster’s creator. Additionally, Victor’s hatred and the desire for revenge on his loved ones propel him to kill the monster.


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