Why Does Elie Wiesel Believe Indifference Is the Most Dangerous Emotion?

Elie Wiesel, in his speech, argues that indifference is a dangerous emotion that leads to the stagnation of society and the isolation of individuals from each other. He believes that anger and hatred can force people to change an unfavorable situation, but indifference does not provoke any action. Wiesel notes that although indifference is an unnatural and strange condition for humans, it is convenient and attractive to many people.


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According to Wiesel, an indifferent person reduces the suffering of others to abstraction, which isolates them from their environment, turning them into a living corpse. Indifference deprives people of their natural essence, making them inhuman. Even God can be indifferent, which is worse than a punishing God since it deprives people of fear.


Indifference is devastating for the victim as they feel forgotten, but it is preferable for the aggressor as it brings even more harm. Wiesel argues that indifference is not a sin, but a punishment, as it deprives both the victim and the observer of the meaning of life. Wiesel is optimistic about the current world situation, as he hopes people have learned from the past and seek to reduce the number of victims of tragic events.


Wiesel believes that indifference is the cause of many tragic events in the past. Responding to injustice is the engine of change, allowing humanity to progress. Indifferent people cannot create or improve anything because they do not feel the need for it. Indifference to others leads, first of all, to indifference to oneself and one’s own destiny. Therefore, Wiesel asserts that only compassion and a desire to help can lead people into the future.


Indifference makes people inhuman, depriving them of their natural essence. Wiesel notes that even anger and hatred can be constructive as they push a person to action. Indifference is the most destructive and dangerous emotion that allows people not to pay attention to the world around them, devaluing the difficulties and suffering of others. It isolates people from society and deprives their lives of meaning.


Finally, Wiesel concludes that people must act to fight indifference to create a better world for all. He believes that only by caring for the victims and seeking to reduce their number can humanity progress. Indifference must be replaced with compassion, leading to action and change, which are essential for the survival of society.


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