Why Did Victor Destroy the Female Monster?

In Mary Shelley’s novel, the character of Victor Frankenstein creates a monster who is shunned by society. The creature begs Victor to create a mate for him so that he will not be alone. Initially, Victor agrees to create a female monster, but he later changes his mind. Victor is afraid that if the two monsters procreate, their unnatural offspring would wreak havoc on future generations. He decides to kill the female creature that he has been working on, thereby condemning the male monster to a life of loneliness.

The monster is not inherently evil, but his loneliness and rejection by society lead him to commit acts of violence. When he realizes that Victor has destroyed his chance of companionship, he seeks revenge. The monster kills Victor’s friend and, later, Victor’s bride on their wedding night. Victor’s decision to destroy the female monster ultimately leads to his own downfall and the death of those he loves.

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The novel explores themes of loneliness, rejection, and the consequences of playing god. Shelley questions the morality of scientific experimentation and the impact it may have on society. The character of Victor Frankenstein serves as a warning of the dangers of unchecked ambition and the potential consequences of one’s actions.


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