Why Did Iago Want Roderigo To Anger Cassio?

Roderigo is a key character in Shakespeare’s play Othello, even though he is a minor character. From the start, his words set the tone and start the plot. He is angry to find out that Desdemona, the woman he has been trying to win over, is married to Othello, a Moor. He then goes to Brabantio to encourage him to kill Othello. Roderigo is willing to give Iago his money in order to help him win Desdemona’s love. The audience can see Iago’s schemes through Roderigo’s actions. Roderigo believes Cassio is another rival for Desdemona’s affections, so he tries to get rid of him with Iago’s help, which leads to Cassio being dismissed from the army. Eventually, Roderigo realizes he is being manipulated by Iago and is killed by him in the end. However, Roderigo outsmarts Iago by writing a letter that reveals Iago’s involvement in the plot and puts it in his pocket. Without Roderigo, Iago would have had to find another dupe and his secret would have never been revealed.


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