Why Did Gatsby Fail To Achieve The American Dream?

Jay Gatsby spent his entire life accumulating wealth and prestige in the hopes of winning Daisy back and rekindling the connection they had before he went to war. Nick Carraway’s quote, “He had come a long way to this blue lawn and his dream must have seemed so close that he could hardly fail to grasp it,” illustrates Gatsby’s desire to have Daisy, the final piece of his grand vision, as a way to join the upper class. Daisy would give him status, bring back the past, and make his counterfeit life authentic. However, Daisy never wanted to admit to her husband, Tom, that she had feelings for Gatsby, no matter how much money he had, which meant Gatsby never got his happiness. This situation shows that money doesn’t bring happiness, as Gatsby could buy anything he wanted except for the person he wanted. Connections and relationships with people bring happiness, and they are not something you can purchase. Gatsby died unhappy with no friends or family because of his money. The Great Gatsby is a novel that demonstrates the failure of the American Dream in post-war America due to people’s misunderstanding of it and their materialistic view of modern life. The early twentieth century saw the corruption of the American Dream, which was interpreted by people as a search for an easy, materialistic, often immoral and spiritually decadent life.


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