Why did feudalism develop?

Feudalism was a hierarchical system that emerged in Europe during the Middle Ages as a way to address the lack of strong centralized governments. People would swear loyalty to their superiors in exchange for protection and access to resources. The king was at the top of the hierarchy, granting land to nobles in return for military service and loyalty. This system continued down the line to the lowest rank of serfs, who were bound to the land and had to provide labor in exchange for protection. Although feudalism provided stability and security in a chaotic environment, it also limited individual freedom and mobility. Over time, changes in economic and social conditions led to its decline. The growth of towns and cities, advancements in military technology, and the rise of centralized monarchies all contributed to the obsolescence of feudalism. In summary, feudalism was a response to the need for security and order in a time of political instability and violence, and it provided a framework for social organization and protection that allowed for the survival of local communities.


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