Who Is the Real Monster in Frankenstein?

In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, it is commonly believed that the creature is the main villain of the story. However, the real antagonist and monster of the novel is Victor, the creator of the creature. Victor, who sees himself as a god, creates the creature but abandons it soon after its creation, failing to teach it the proper values of life.

Despite the creature’s horrifying appearance and evil deeds, it is not responsible for the tragedies that happen throughout the story. It is merely a product of Victor’s hubris and selfishness. Victor’s lack of responsibility towards his creation leads to the deaths of his younger brother, William, and his bride, Elizabeth.

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Victor’s ambition to create life is the root of the novel’s conflict. Although he is a man of scientific knowledge, his poor moral background leads to his downfall. He creates the creature out of a pile of bones and muscles, but upon seeing it, he is horrified and abandons it without teaching it the proper way to live. He becomes the true monster of the story by refusing to take responsibility for his actions and failing to fix the consequences of his arrogance.

In conclusion, the true villain of Frankenstein is not the creature but Victor, the creator. His arrogance, lack of responsibility, and selfishness are the root cause of the tragedy that unfolds in the novel. The creature is merely a product of Victor’s actions and a victim of his neglect.

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