Who Is the Main Character in Wuthering Heights?

Heathcliff is undoubtedly the main character in Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights. The storyline revolves around his life from childhood to death, and all the essential characters in the story play a role in his character development. Despite the many perspectives used in the narrative, Heathcliff is present in most of them, indicating that he is the central character in the book.

Heathcliff’s personality is complex and contradictory. He has deep feelings and inner passions that are both beautiful and ugly, good and evil, making his character development all the more intriguing. The complexity of his personality is highlighted by the book’s many vivid descriptions and psychological portraits.

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Although Heathcliff is the main character, he is neither the protagonist nor the antagonist of the novel. He is an anti-hero whose moral values change due to excessive abuse and hatred. Throughout the story, Heathcliff is both the source and receiver of injustice and hardship, and his anger and rage increase as he grows older. His obsession with Catherine is so powerful that it borders on madness.

Despite not being present at Edgar and Catherine’s wedding ceremony, Heathcliff remains the central character in the novel. The deception and humiliation he experienced during his childhood had a significant impact on the formation of his personality, which is characterized by a strong will, increased emotionality, and impetuosity.

Heathcliff is a rebel who opposes existing order and morality, denies religion and God, and seeks revenge against what he deems injustice and evil. Although his actions are evil, the mystical nature of his character is attractive to the reader, and his inner conflict between love and hate, good and evil, make him all the more intriguing.

In conclusion, Heathcliff is a complex character whose contradictory nature, inner conflict, and rebellion against established norms make him the center of the Wuthering Heights story. Despite being neither a hero nor a villain, his character development and impact on the other characters in the book make him one of the most memorable characters in English literature.

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