Who is Juliek in Night? Why did He Play His Violin as He Lay Dying in the Mass Bodies?

The character of Juliek in Night is a poignant example of the transformation of people’s emotional state in the concentration camps. A former member of the Buna band, Juliek’s music is a reminder to the captives to remember their humanity and find hope. Despite being imprisoned in a barracks with limited space and air, Juliek brings out his violin and plays Beethoven. The purity and power of the music cut through the silence and touch the souls of the suffering men.

The scene with Juliek’s music is significant in the writing as it illustrates the emotional transformation of the captives. In the camps, people began to deny their life, humanity, and future, and became self-centered in their physical needs. Juliek’s music, on the other hand, evokes a sense of spirituality and reminds the captives of their humankind. The music is a light of hope in a dark and cruel environment.

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The silence and the music that broke it have a special meaning in the writing. The quietness is the source of fear, bad dreams, and edgy weariness. Juliek’s playing disturbed it, filling the night with uncommon beauty and power. His performance emphasized the rough and uncouth obliteration of the human existence of Jews in the concentration camps by the Nazis.

Despite his tragic death after the performance, Juliek’s music lives on in the memory of the captives. His playing was emotionally touching and grievous because he put his entire being into it. The scene also raises important themes in the story, such as the nature of humanity, cruelty, desolation, and hope. Juliek’s character serves as a powerful reminder of the resilience of the human spirit in the face of oppression and adversity.

Overall, the scene with Juliek’s music is a poignant and powerful moment in the writing. It highlights the transformation of the captives’ emotional state and reminds them of their humanity and hope. Juliek’s character serves as a beacon of resilience in a dark and cruel world.


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