Who is Catherine and Edgar’s Son in Wuthering Heights? Describe The Character.

Catherine and Edgar had only one child, a daughter named Cathy, in the novel Wuthering Heights. Unlike her mother, Cathy is characterized by her kindness and gentleness. Although she can be arrogant at times, she is also compassionate and generous, which are traits that her mother never displayed.


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Cathy was raised by her father and nurse, Ellen Dean, after her mother passed away during childbirth. She inherited her mother’s beauty and willful character, but she was not as demanding and headstrong as her mother. Her father, Edgar, tried to protect her from Heathcliff by not allowing her to visit Wuthering Heights.


As Cathy grew up, she became curious about the world outside of Thrushcross Grange and wanted to explore it. When Edgar’s sister passed away, he took in Linton Heathcliff, Heathcliff’s son, who was a sickly boy. Cathy was happy to meet her nephew but was not aware of the family’s complicated history. However, Heathcliff took Linton back to Wuthering Heights the next day.


Heathcliff arranged for Cathy and Linton to marry and encouraged their meetings, but Nelly prohibited Cathy from visiting Wuthering Heights. Cathy continued to see Linton until Heathcliff imprisoned her and Nelly at Wuthering Heights, hoping to persuade Cathy to marry Linton. Cathy’s father became very ill during this time, and Heathcliff allowed Cathy to visit him only briefly before he died. Linton’s condition also worsened, and he passed away shortly after Edgar’s death, leaving Heathcliff as the owner of both Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange.


After these events, Cathy fell in love with Hareton, her illiterate cousin, and they eventually married. Their marriage put an end to the cycle of revenge that existed between their families. While Cathy was stubborn like her mother, she also had positive traits that set her apart. She often followed her father and Nelly’s advice and showed empathy towards others, especially Linton and Hareton.


Despite her positive traits, Cathy could also be selfish and cold at times. She teased Hareton for his illiteracy and poverty and lost her temper during an argument with Linton, throwing him to the floor. However, she eventually learned to understand Hareton’s struggles with illiteracy and promised to teach him how to read.


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