Who Finally Helped Cathy to Escape from Wuthering Heights? How Did That Happen?

In Wuthering Heights, Cathy becomes caught up in Heathcliff’s scheme and is imprisoned in Withering Heights. She desperately wants to leave and demands her release, but Liston, who is in charge of her, becomes annoyed with her hysteria. Eventually, Linton’s naivety allows Cathy to escape, but not before she faces many hardships.


Heathcliff and his son Linton plan to force Cathy to marry Linton, but she refuses. As a result, Linton locks her up in the manor. Even when Cathy agrees to the marriage, Heathcliff still refuses to let her leave. Nelly, the housekeeper, finds out about Cathy’s situation and tries to help her.


However, Nelly’s attempts to rescue Cathy prove unsuccessful until she learns that Cathy’s father is dying. When she returns to Thrushcross Grange, she lies to Edgar, telling him that his daughter is safe and will soon return. Nelly sends servants to Wuthering Heights to try to rescue Cathy, but her efforts are in vain. Eventually, Cathy manages to escape when Linton allows her to leave.


Throughout the story, Cathy faces many difficulties, but her eventual escape from Wuthering Heights is due to Linton’s naivety. Despite the challenges she faces, Cathy remains determined to regain her freedom.


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