Who did the narrator meet at the Tabard Inn?

At the Tabard Inn, the narrator meets 29 pilgrims who are on their way, making a pilgrimage to Canterbury. They let the narrator join them since he heads to the same place. Among the pilgrims, there is the Knight, the Miller, the Wife of Bath, the Summoner, the Manciple, the Physician, the Shipman, the Cook, the Yeoman, and many others.

Detailed answer:

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The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer were written at the end of the 14th century. In the opening prologue, the narrator explains how he meets 29 people who are going to make the same pilgrimage as him. Their journey began at the Tabard in Southwark, a starting point of their trip to Canterbury. The narrator mentions all 29 people.

The prologue is written in the first person. The reader learns the details from the narrator that otherwise would not be known. In particular, he names the professions, social statuses, and attire of the pilgrims. The narrator has already introduced himself to others, and his tale appears accurate and fair. The author describes each character in detail, and each story reveals various life paths.

The pilgrims were going to Canterbury to see the tomb of Saint Thomas a Becket, who was archbishop of Canterbury in 1170. The characters represent different ways of living and social statuses, such as the merchant class, the nobility, and the clergy. This variety makes the story intriguing, complex and captivating for the audience. Chaucer provides the reader with different perspectives on the world by using the art of poetry.



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