Who Attended Gatsby’s Funeral?

Gatsby’s funeral was a somber affair with only a few attendees. Nick, Gatsby’s father, Henry Gatz, Owl Eyes, the minister, and some house servants were the only ones who came to pay their last respects. Nick had expected a large turnout, as Gatsby was a well-known figure in West Egg, but all of Gatsby’s old friends and party guests, including Daisy, Meyer Wolfshiem, Klipspringer, and Tom, were nowhere to be found.

Henry Gatz took some mementos of Gatsby, including a picture of the house, which he had always been proud of, and a book on self-improvement that Gatsby had written when he was young. For Nick, the funeral was a surreal experience, and he felt a sense of responsibility to stay at the empty house. He realized that hardly anyone genuinely cared about Gatsby, even in death.

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The funeral had a symbolic significance as it revealed that only a few people truly knew Gatsby. The rest saw him as a rich man to exploit for his wealth. The lack of attendance highlighted the superficial and materialistic nature of society during the Roaring Twenties, where people used connections and wealth to achieve their goals. However, a few people, such as Nick and Gatsby’s father, respected Gatsby, and they were the ones who showed up to the funeral.

In conclusion, Gatsby’s funeral was a poignant reminder that life and death were very different for him. Despite his wealth and influence, Gatsby was ultimately alone in death, with only a few people who genuinely cared for him. The novel, “The Great Gatsby,” explores the theme of isolation and loneliness, and Gatsby’s funeral serves as a poignant reminder of this.

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