Which Of The Events Reveals That Sir Gawain And The Green Knight Is A Medieval Romance?

Medieval romance literature is a type of writing from the Middle Ages that is full of stories of chivalry, courtly love, religious devotion, and magical elements. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is a great example of this genre, and the strongest aspect of the poem is the idealization of chivalry. This is seen in the beginning of the story when the Green Knight challenges King Arthur’s court to a game, and Sir Gawain steps up to take the challenge. Throughout the story, Sir Gawain shows his chivalrous values by fighting against the Green Knight and other beasts, resisting the temptation of the Lady Burdilak, and proving his loyalty to God and King. This scene at the beginning of the story is a perfect example of the main element of medieval romance – chivalry.


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