Which Modes Of Narration Does Emily Bronte Use In Wuthering Heights?

Wuthering Heights is structured similarly to earlier gothic novels, where the main story is told through letters or diaries. Emily Brontë introduces two main narrative levels, with the central narrative being relayed by Lockwood, an outsider to the moors. He is removed from the actual experiences of the story, and this is shown in the way he is unable to see the truth. Bronte uses language filled with guesswork to emphasise Lockwood’s unfamiliarity. The other main narrator is the servant Nelly Dean, whose narration is argued to be unreliable. Unlike Lockwood, whose role is to record, Nelly’s narration is homodiegetic, as she is present and participated in the action of the story she narrates. However, her narration is her interpretation of the events she witnesses.


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