Which line would most strengthen the reflection in Kara’s essay?

To enhance the reflection in Kara’s essay, she could incorporate a sentence such as, “This experience has taught me the significance of venturing beyond my comfort zone to gain a fresh perspective.” This would allow Kara to showcase how the experience she recounted in her essay transformed her and the lesson she learned from it. Furthermore, she could reflect on how this newfound knowledge would impact her future thoughts and actions. This sentence also highlights introspection, which is a crucial element of a reflective essay. Additionally, Kara could utilize specific examples to illustrate her reflection. For instance, if she narrates an incident where she felt uneasy or challenged, she could elaborate on how that experience made her ponder her assumptions and prejudices. She could also provide an instance of how she intends to apply the lesson she learned in her future endeavors. By incorporating specific examples and reflective sentences like the one mentioned earlier, Kara can demonstrate her analytical thinking and self-awareness. This would not only make her essay more persuasive but also more captivating and thought-provoking for the reader. It is vital for reflective essays to encompass personal insights and reflections as this is what distinguishes them from other forms of writing.

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Which line would most strengthen the reflection in Kara’s essay?
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