Which Greek values are found in The Odyssey?

Which Greek values are found in The Odyssey?

One of the greatest epic poems ever composed by the ancient Greek poet Homer is The Odyssey. It demonstrates some fundamental principles that people in ancient Greece valued. Loyalty, hospitality, self-control, and family are examples of Greek virtues found in The Odyssey.

The poem of Homer narrates the tale of Odysseus, the Ithacan ruler. After the Trojan War, Alexander travels for ten years in an effort to return home (Blumberg, n.d.). The Odyssey tells a tale that is full of temptation, adventures, and hard-won victories. Long ago, the epic poem was written. It continues to enthrall viewers while presenting a hero and an alluring tale that is remarkably human.

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Poetic lines arouse emotions and show key principles that were unique to Greek civilization. Family was important to individuals, as shown in the statement “putting his arms around this marvel of a father, Telemachus began to weep.” Loyalty was valued by the Greeks as well. Odysseus’ wife Penelope, who waits for him for years, is a symbol of loyalty. She won’t accept the possibility that he passed away. Despite attempts to capture Penelope’s attention and their insistence on beginning a new relationship, she is devoted.

The fable uses lotus fruits to highlight self-control as a virtue. Odysseus resists the urge to consume the lotus fruits. His opponents, though, accept the food. They eventually lose interest in returning home and their drive to do so. When beggars approach Penelope and want bread and a roof, another value—hospitality—is demonstrated. She requests that her ladies look after the beggars. “You’ll bathe him and anoint him in the morning light so that he can take his position beside Telemachus feasting in the hall,” Penelope instructs.


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