Which Excerpt From The Great Gatsby Is The Best Example Of Foreshadowing? Updated 8 November, 2023

Foreshadowing is an important literary technique used in The Great Gatsby, with the novel’s tragic ending hinted at from the start. The best example of foreshadowing occurs at the end of the first chapter, where Nick sees Gatsby reaching for the green light with his trembling arms. This symbolizes Gatsby’s pursuit of something unattainable, with his disappearance into the darkness foreshadowing his eventual death. Despite his wealth, Gatsby’s desire for something beyond his reach is emphasized by his outstretched arms. This highlights the idea that the characters’ fates are predetermined, and that they are unable to escape them. Ultimately, Gatsby’s inability to fully attain Daisy parallels his inability to grasp the green light, highlighting the inaccessibility of his desires.

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