Which English County Is the Setting for Wuthering Heights?

Emily Brontë chose Yorkshire as the setting for Wuthering Heights for several reasons. Firstly, the county’s landscape and atmosphere were suitable for the themes explored in the novel, which included country life, romantic interpretations of nature, and gothic imagery. Yorkshire’s moors and picturesque views were ideal for creating a suitable backdrop for the story’s events.


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Secondly, Brontë was familiar with the area as she had a parsonage at Haworth in West Yorkshire where she wrote the novel. This intimate knowledge of the county allowed her to accurately and vividly depict the setting in her writing.


Furthermore, Yorkshire’s peaceful and quiet setting provided a stark contrast to the intense conflicts and themes of the novel. The county’s tranquility allowed for the introduction of a misanthropic character whose difficulties in connecting with others could be explored.


Overall, Yorkshire’s natural beauty, Brontë’s personal connection to the area, and the setting’s suitability for exploring the themes of the novel made it the ideal choice for Wuthering Heights’ setting.


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