Which Best Describes a Change an Adaptation Would Make If Hamlet was Set in Modern Times?

Numerous interpretations of Hamlet have been produced by both the theatrical and movie industries. Film adaptations, in particular, often emphasize certain messages while dismissing others based on the adaptors’ perception of the play. These interpretations can be broadly categorized into two directions: those that focus on exploring the characters’ mental states and those that examine the play’s political themes. Despite their differences, all adaptations aim to introduce original ideas and revelations.

Gyorgi Kozintsev’s (1964), Franco Zeffirelli’s (1990), and Michael Almereyda’s (2000) are some of the most notable movie versions of Hamlet. Each of these modern adaptations presents a unique interpretation of the play and provides new references to historical and cultural issues.

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Modern adaptations of Hamlet are generally shorter than the original play, with some episodes and characters, such as Fortinbras, often being excluded. Fortinbras brings a political dimension to the play, making it appealing to directors who want to examine the play’s political themes. However, directors who aim for a psychological impact tend to exclude Fortinbras. Zeffirelli’s 1990 adaptation is a prominent example of such action, whereas Kozintsev’s version brings much attention to Fortinbras’ presence.

Female characters in modern adaptations of Hamlet tend to have more influence than they did in the original play. This shift in focus on female characters is an adaptation to present-day ideas that require more independence for women. Ophelia, in particular, has become a profound character in modern adaptations, showing more personality traits and a wider emotional spectrum than in the original version.

In 2018, a film titled Ophelia was released, exploring Ophelia’s perspective on the events of the play. This female-focused movie caused mixed reviews and speculation but is a brave way of breaking the inequality of the Renaissance era by emphasizing gender roles and motherhood.

Some modern adaptations of Hamlet use contemporary art and technologies to create new masterpieces. These adaptations often focus on the mystique side of the play or take a political approach. These adaptations continue to keep viewers shocked and fascinated and open the door to new discussions, keeping Shakespeare’s masterpiece alive for many years.


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