Which Aspect Of Gothic Literature Do The First Four Chapters Of Frankenstein Most Clearly Show?

The first four chapters of Frankenstein demonstrate the distinct features of Gothic literature, such as a man-made invention as the central figure, supernatural elements that create suspense, and a romantic hero searching for answers to the mystery of life’s beginning. The atmosphere is eerie and the story includes horrific situations that make readers anxious. Victor Frankenstein’s idealistic goals are in conflict with the terror and madness caused by his creation. Gothic literature is known for its focus on the unknown, creepy ambiance, and the gap between ideals and reality. Victor was inspired by ambitious ancient alchemists and was blinded by his love for mystery until the end result of his experiment went out of control. He must confront his future spouse’s sickness and the death of his mother when he joins university. He then leaves home for two years to study chemistry in isolation, which heightens the suspense. On a stormy night, Victor is terrorized by the monster, making him faint and having nightmares about his loved ones. In gothic novels, there are often references to Victor’s fear, a ghostly setting, and a corpse reanimating itself.


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