When Does The Canterbury Tales Take Place?

Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales is a collection of 24 stories set in medieval England during the Late Middle Ages. The exact time frame is not specified, but it is believed to have been written between 1387-1400. The characters, their clothing, speech, and mannerisms provide insight into the lives of the people of the time, and the pilgrims come from all walks of life, including nobles, merchants, clergy, and commoners. The tales cover a wide range of topics, from the serious to the comedic, and reflect the concerns and interests of the people of the time. The journey to Canterbury was a popular form of religious devotion in the Middle Ages, and the gathering of a diverse group of travelers provided a perfect opportunity for Chaucer to capture the spirit of the age. The Canterbury Tales is a classic not only for its entertainment value, but also for its historical significance and its ability to bring to life a time and place long gone.


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