What Were The Rumors About Gatsby?

Gatsby is a very enigmatic character, as he appears and disappears without warning. At the start of the novel, little is known about him and many rumors circulate. Nick, the narrator, notices this when he sees Gatsby for the first time and remarks, ‘When I looked once more for Gatsby he had vanished, and I was alone again in the unquiet darkness’. This quote sets the tone for Gatsby’s character and provides the reader with some foreshadowing. As the story progresses, Gatsby’s character is revealed. Nick discovers that Gatsby is his neighbor and is renowned for his lavish parties at his mansion. Gatsby is a mystery to Nick and the other partygoers, as they don’t know who he is. Nick attempts to find out more about Gatsby and hears many outlandish rumors about him, such as that he is a war hero, a cousin of Kaiser Wilhelm, went to Oxford, killed a man, and is a German spy. It turns out that some of these rumors are true, as Gatsby is actually a World War 1 hero.


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