What Were the Conditions in the Train in Night?

In the novel, the train that transports Jewish prisoners to the Buchenwald concentration camp is depicted as being in terrible condition. The prisoners, including the protagonist, are brought to the camp in cattle cars, which displays the Nazis’ inhumanity towards them.

The author describes the conditions of the train in the second chapter of the book. The carriages are overcrowded, with each one holding over eighty people. As a result, prisoners are forced to stand for long periods, and sitting down to rest is a rare privilege.

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The prisoners suffer from a lack of space, fresh air, food, and water during the journey. The heat inside the train is suffocating, and many of the people on board are hungry and dehydrated. The Jews’ fear and desperation begin to affect their behavior, causing them to lose their sense of dignity.

The inhumane transportation conditions cause many prisoners to die before reaching the Buchenwald concentration camp. However, the Nazis continue the journey, unmoved by the prisoners’ suffering. The carriages begin to fill with the stench of decaying bodies, driving some prisoners insane. The appalling conditions of the train journey reflect the inhumanity and cruelty of the Nazi regime towards the Jewish people.



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