What Was the Face of Frankenstein’s Monster Like?

Victor, a student, hoped to create a beautiful, human-like creature to distract himself from his mother’s death. However, after two years of experimenting, his creation turned out to be huge, violent, and uncontrollable. The monster’s face was so hideous that Victor referred to it as “the monster” and was scared of it.

In the book, the creature’s face was described as terrifying, full of horror and anger, and so hideous that it felt like it was absent. The image of the monster in movies, such as Robert De Niro’s portrayal in one film and Boris Karloff’s in another, successfully captured the character’s appearance from the book. Both actors depicted a scarred, stitched face with terrifying eyes.

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Overall, Frankenstein created the monster out of a desire to “play God,” but he ended up with an ugly and violent creature. The book’s description of the creature’s face and Victor’s reaction to it revealed the terror and disgust that it inspired. Movies helped readers develop a clearer image of the monster and better understand the novel’s meaning.

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