What Was Jay Gatsby’S Real Name Background?

In Chapter 6, Nick reveals the full story of Gatsby’s life. His real name is James Gatz and he is from North Dakota. Dan Cody, who Gatsby described as his best friend, took him on his yacht and taught him how to live a wealthy lifestyle. Dan Cody tried to leave Gatsby his inheritance, but his mistress got in the way. Gatsby comes from a farming family and has created a dream life for himself in order to win back Daisy’s love. Five years earlier, Gatsby and Daisy were madly in love, but Gatsby had to leave to fight in the war. Daisy married Tom Buchanan, a rich socialite, and Gatsby believes she did it for money and not him because he was poor. This leads Gatsby to create a fake life and illegally build a fortune to win her back. By changing his name, Gatsby covers his past shame of a poor upbringing with his common parents and tries to reinvent himself as Jay Gatsby.


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