What Was Gatsby’s Reaction to Daisy’s Child?

In The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby was infatuated with the idea of Daisy Buchanan as a perfect embodiment of the American Dream and sensuality, rather than the reality of who she was. When he discovered that Daisy had a child, it was a shock to him because he had not associated her with the earthly aspects of motherhood. Gatsby’s love for Daisy was built on a daydream rather than a woman with flesh and blood.

The novel portrays the changes in society as it became increasingly hedonistic, which is reflected in Gatsby’s feelings for Daisy. She represented a symbol of sensuality and the American Dream, but the reality of her having a child was an unwelcome reminder of the real world. Despite not harboring any hostility towards the child, Gatsby’s reaction was to dismiss it as something surreal that did not exist. He remained focused on his idealized version of Daisy.

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The story of The Great Gatsby is a warning of the dangers of holding onto delusions and misconceptions. Gatsby’s reaction to the child was understandable, but it also demonstrated his desire to indulge in his fantasy without regard for reality. The child could have been a bridge between Gatsby’s dreams and the real world, but he chose to ignore it, leading to his downfall. The novel highlights the consequences of chasing an unattainable dream while ignoring the realities of life.

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