What obstacles did Harriet Tubman face?

Harriet Tubman, referred to as the “Moses of her people,” encountered a lot of difficulties throughout her life. She was born into slavery in Maryland, but she managed to escape to freedom in 1849. She then went on to become a renowned abolitionist, a conductor of the Underground Railroad, a Civil War nurse, and a suffragist. One of the most significant challenges Tubman faced was the risk of being captured and recaptured. After she escaped slavery, she made 19 trips to the South, risking her life to help more than 300 enslaved people escape to freedom through the Underground Railroad. She had to traverse hazardous terrain, evade slave catchers, and depend on her intuition and knowledge of the land to lead enslaved people to freedom. Another obstacle Tubman faced was racism and discrimination. As a Black woman in the 19th century, she experienced discrimination and animosity from both white people and Black men who did not think that women should have a major role in the abolitionist movement. She also had to deal with financial difficulties and was often not paid for her work as a nurse and suffragist. Despite these difficulties, Tubman persevered and made remarkable contributions to the abolitionist movement and the battle for civil rights. She was a strong and brave woman who risked her life to help others and motivate future generations. Her legacy still motivates people all over the world to fight for justice and equality.


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