What keeps the planets in orbit around the Sun?

Sir Isaac Newton proposed the concept of gravity and its role in maintaining the planets in their orbits in his law of universal gravitation. This revolutionized the study of astronomy and provided a new comprehension of the physical laws that control the behavior of objects in space. Gravity is a fundamental force of nature that is defined as the attraction between any two objects with mass. The Sun’s mass is so large that it exerts a powerful gravitational force that pulls the planets towards it, but they don’t fall into it due to their speed. Additionally, the gravitational pulls from other planets and objects in the solar system can cause the shape of the orbit to change over time. Nevertheless, the Sun’s gravity remains the primary force that keeps the planets in their orbits around it. Scientists are still researching gravity and its effects on the solar system and the universe, using advanced technology and mathematical models to gain a better understanding of this essential force.

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