What Is the True Relationship between Daisy and Tom in The Great Gatsby?

Daisy and Tom Buchanan’s marriage was not built on love, shared ambitions, or personal traits of character. Instead, the couple was united by their obsession with wealth and luxury. They got married in 1919 and resided in the most fashionable area of East Egg, representing the “old money.” Although Daisy was initially in love with Tom, she eventually fell out of love with him due to his continuous infidelity.


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Fitzgerald’s narrative suggests that the couple was not happy, but there was an undeniable natural intimacy between them. Their marriage was more like a business transaction that benefited them both. Daisy enjoyed financial freedom, and Tom indulged in his wife’s fashion and extramarital affairs. The author’s description of their relationship shows that the couple was conspiring together, but it was not a result of sincere love.


Throughout the story, both Tom and Daisy had affairs and spent time with their lovers. However, they did not make any effort to fix their relationship. After Gatsby and Myrtle died, the couple reunited, revealing the real reason for their marriage. They were united by their love for wealth, status, and luxury, and the marriage was a way to maintain their “old money” status.


In conclusion, Daisy and Tom Buchanan’s relationship was not built on love or personal connections, but rather on their shared obsession with wealth and luxury. The author portrays their marriage as a business transaction that benefited them both. Although they were not happy, they were conspiring together and maintained their status as members of the “old money” elite.


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