What is the structure of The Canterbury Tales?

Geoffrey Chaucer wrote The Canterbury Tales in the 14th century, which is a collection of stories narrated by a group of pilgrims traveling to Canterbury. The book is a blend of verse and prose, with most of the tales being written in verse, and two tales being written in prose. The stories are divided into ten parts, with each part featuring stories that are directly related and presented in a particular order.

The Canterbury Tales progresses with the group of travelers sharing their stories to entertain their host. The holy place of Canterbury, where a pastor’s grave is located, is their destination. Thirty travelers representing different social classes, including merchants, church workers, knights, and low-class workers, embark on this journey. Each character has a defined role and time to tell their story. The host awards the best storyteller with a free meal, which adds an element of competition to the narrative.

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Chaucer aimed to create a realistic and engaging composition by incorporating representatives of all social classes in the Middle Ages. Thus, The Canterbury Tales is a fascinating work that provides insights into the different social classes, customs, and lifestyles of people in the 14th century.

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