What is the setting of “The Outsiders”?

S.E. Hinton’s novel “The Outsiders” is set in Tulsa, Oklahoma in the mid-1960s. The city is divided into two distinct groups: the wealthy and privileged Socs and the poor and often overlooked Greasers. The setting is essential to the story as it creates a clear social divide between the two groups and establishes a sense of tension and conflict. Hinton’s vivid descriptions of the setting help to bring the reader into the world of the Greasers, such as when Ponyboy Curtis walks home from the movies and describes the streets he passes through. The setting also plays a significant role in the themes of the novel, such as the importance of family and community. The Greasers rely on each other for support and protection, and Hinton’s descriptions of the setting help to establish this sense of camaraderie. Overall, the setting of “The Outsiders” is an integral part of the novel, and Hinton’s skillful use of descriptive language helps to transport the reader into this world, making it a timeless classic.


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