What is The Necklace Symbolism?

In the story, Madame Loisel becomes infatuated with a necklace and the way it looks on her. The necklace symbolizes wealth, which is something that Madame Loisel desires but does not have. She longs to own expensive possessions and become a member of the wealthy class. When she first touches the necklace, her hands tremble, showing how much she wishes for a life of luxury. The necklace also symbolizes Madame Loisel’s beauty, but it only concerns her appearance and not her character or personal qualities. This reflects how shallow she is at the beginning of the story.


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When Madame Loisel loses the necklace, it symbolizes her inability to become wealthy and lead a life of luxury. The loss of the necklace also represents her transformation as a character. She begins to realize the true value of things and becomes a better person. Gradually, she loses her beauty, which was previously her only concern, but gains a new appreciation for her life.


The wraps that Madame Loisel’s husband buys for her to wear after the party symbolize her ordinary life. Madame Loisel tries to conceal her humble lifestyle from others and make them believe she is worth more. The wraps are modest but quality garments that provide comfort and protect from the cold. Similarly, Madame Loisel’s lifestyle is modest and pleasant, but compared to the other women at the party who wear furs, it indicates her lower status.


Madame Loisel fears what others may say about her and wants to keep up appearances. She fears that the wealthy audience will consider her poor and decides to take off the wraps. This symbolizes her desire not to let anyone see her actual life. The wraps represent the lifestyle her husband provides, and she wants to show off a higher status.


The dress that Madame Loisel buys for the party symbolizes her narcissism. She is preoccupied with her appearance and how she looks to others. She becomes lost in ecstasy at her reflection in the mirror when she puts on the necklace and the dress. She neglects the needs of others, such as her husband’s desire to purchase a gun, and obsesses over her vanity.


In conclusion, the necklace, wraps, and dress in the story all have symbolic meanings. The necklace symbolizes wealth and Madame Loisel’s shallow nature, the wraps symbolize her humble lifestyle, and the dress symbolizes her narcissism. Madame Loisel’s desire for a life of luxury and her preoccupation with appearances drive the story’s conflict and her transformation as a character.


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