What Is The Necklace Symbolism?

Symbolism is heavily used in The Necklace, with the necklace itself being the most important symbol. It represents the luxury, grace, and material possessions that Mathilde Loisel desires but does not have. Maupassant says that when Mathilde sees the necklace, her heart begins to beat with uncontrolled desire, showing the strong connection between the necklace and her happiness. She believes that wearing the jewellery will give her the aura of wealth she has always wanted, and she feels “prettier than them all, elegant, gracious, crazy with joy”. However, the necklace is later seen as a symbol of deception. Matilda is unaware that the necklace is a fake, and she spends ten years of her life working to pay off the debt she incurred after losing it. This shows how something as simple as a necklace can change a person’s future and identity, and it highlights Matilda’s deceitful and pretentious nature.


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