What Is the Narrator’s Name in The Yellow Wallpaper?

The protagonist in The Yellow Wallpaper is never addressed by a name, leaving readers to speculate what it might be. She is a woman who is suffering from depression and anxiety, rendering her unable to work. Her physician husband, John, and his sister, Jennie, care for her. Some critics argue that the narrator’s lack of name is symbolic of all women who have suffered from mistreatment or overprotection due to mental illness.

Alternatively, some researchers believe that the narrator might be named Jane based on a statement she makes at the end of the story. She says, “I’ve got out at last, <…> in spite of you and Jane.” This could indicate that her name is Jane, or that she is referring to someone else with that name. Some people believe that this statement suggests that the narrator played a role in her own repression, while others argue that it may be a misprint and that she is referring to Jennie.

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What Is the Narrator’s Name in The Yellow Wallpaper?
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Overall, the protagonist of The Yellow Wallpaper remains unnamed throughout the story, and readers must rely on clues and interpretation to speculate on what her name might be.


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