What is the meaning of “prosperity” in “Marigolds”?

In Eugenia Collier’s “Marigolds,” the concept of “prosperity” is used to represent the potential for success, thriving, and having enough resources to live comfortably. This is especially relevant in the story’s setting of the Great Depression, a time of economic hardship and poverty. Lizabeth’s mother, for example, dreams of a better life and worries about the family’s future, seeing the marigolds as a symbol of hope and beauty. The destruction of the marigolds by Lizabeth and her friends is a significant turning point in the story, representing the loss of hope and the destruction of prosperity in the community. Lizabeth reflects on her actions and realizes the gravity of her actions and the impact it has on Miss Lottie’s only source of joy. Thus, the term “prosperity” in “Marigolds” symbolizes the possibility of hope and a better life, particularly in a time of economic hardship. The destruction of the marigolds signifies the loss of this hope and the destruction of prosperity in the community.


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