What Is the Main Conflict of Pride and Prejudice?

The main conflict in Pride and Prejudice is the clash between Darcy’s cold aristocratic pride and Elizabeth’s feminine prejudice against him. The novel portrays the battle between pride and prejudice as two major scourges of the aristocratic society. The story is a realistic portrayal of English society characters.

Elizabeth misunderstands Darcy, and a duel of pride and prejudice arises between them. Elizabeth’s prejudice against Darcy is due to his disdain for her family, and it is difficult to overcome. Darcy, on the other hand, realizes his superiority over the provincial gentry, and in Elizabeth’s presence, he is arrogant and cold. However, when he falls in love with her, he overcomes both his pride and prejudices. The conflict is further complicated by Wickham’s deception, which leads Elizabeth to have a misconception about Darcy.

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The conflict reaches its peak when Darcy writes a letter explaining his actions and the reasons behind them. Elizabeth initially resists the new information, but after reading the letter, everything appears in a different light, and she changes her mind. This moment marks a turning point in the novel, and the characters finally overcome their delusions and weaknesses. The resolution of the conflict allows Darcy and Elizabeth to be together, bringing the story to a satisfying conclusion.


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