What Is Daisys Opinion Of Gatsbys Party In Chapter 6?

Jay Gatsby held his extravagant parties in an attempt to impress Daisy, the woman he had been in love with for years. He was convinced that if he could recreate the Golden Dream he had for them, she would come back to him. Gatsby never changed his opinion of himself or Daisy, and he died still believing in the unattainable Dream. Daisy, on the other hand, lived in her own world of luxury, taking advantage of the same Dream that Gatsby was so desperate to achieve. In Chapter Six of The Great Gatsby, Daisy attends one of Gatsby’s parties, only because she was drawn to the wealth and glamour that Gatsby had and her husband lacked. She is appalled by the people who are there, and finds the West Egg nouveaux riches to be tasteless and crass, which clashes with her “old money” values.


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