What is a “trope” in literature?

Literary tropes are common motifs or themes that are used to convey a particular message or meaning. These can take the form of symbols, metaphors, and similes, and can be used to express a variety of ideas, from love and death to power and corruption. A well-known trope is the “hero’s journey,” which involves a protagonist who embarks on a quest, faces obstacles and challenges, and ultimately succeeds. This trope is found in many works of literature, from ancient myths to modern-day novels and films. Another example is the “love triangle,” which is often used in romance novels and soap operas to create tension and drama. Tropes can also be used to challenge traditional storytelling conventions, such as the “damsel in distress” trope, which has been subverted in recent years to create stories in which the female character is the hero and rescuer. Ultimately, tropes are an important part of literature, providing readers with familiar patterns and themes while also allowing for creative and innovative storytelling.


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