What Excerpt From Part 2 Of The Odyssey Best Establishes Odysseus’S Weakness? – GradesFixer

In Book 9 of the Odyssey, Odysseus demonstrates his physical and intellectual strength by outwitting Polyphemus, a Cyclops, and escaping the island of Sicily. Polyphemus had killed two of Odysseus’ men and was planning to eat them, but Odysseus gave him strong wine that made him drunk and unwary. When Polyphemus asked for Odysseus’ name, he cleverly replied that his name was “Nobody.” Polyphemus promised to eat “Nobody” last and granted him a guest blessing.

Odysseus took advantage of Polyphemus’ drunkenness and, with the help of his men, blinded him with a flaming stake. The other cyclopes thought Polyphemus was making a joke or that it was a matter of the gods and left. Odysseus and his men escaped from the cave by clinging to the undersides of Polyphemus’ sheep as they went out to graze. However, Odysseus later revealed his true identity to Polyphemus, which negated his earlier display of intelligence and cunning.

Overall, this episode shows Odysseus’ ability to think on his feet and use his wits to overcome obstacles. It also highlights his flaws as a character, such as his pride and need to reveal his identity to his enemy.

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