What Excerpt From Act 3 Of Hamlet Supports The Conclusion That Hamlet Is Critical Of Women?

In William Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, there are only two female characters: Gertrude, who is portrayed as an incestuous, cold-hearted woman, and Ophelia, who is depicted as a naive, spineless, and ultimately ignorant girl. These characters are used to represent the female gender in the play, and Shakespeare often portrays women as being simple-minded, impulsive, and under the control of men. This misogynistic representation of women makes the play outdated. In Act 3, Scene 1, Hamlet blames women for his madness, claiming that they are given one face by God but use makeup to create another. He is particularly upset by his mother’s remarriage and expresses contempt for all women. Later, when he confronts his mother, he is offended by her sexuality. During an angry tirade against Ophelia, he blames his madness on women and their habit of disguising themselves with makeup and feminine behavior. It is clear that Hamlet’s feelings about women play an important role in his madness.


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