What Does the Monster Mean by the Phrase “I Will Be with You on Your Wedding Night”?

Victor Frankenstein’s rejection of the Creature leaves it alone in the wild. Hoping for companionship, the Creature attempts to befriend humans but is met with fear and rejection. Upon realizing its eternal loneliness, the Creature implores Victor to create a female monster to be its companion. After initially agreeing, Victor stops the experiment, destroying the Creature’s last hope for companionship. The Creature vows to make Victor suffer and promises to be with him on his wedding night.

The Creature proceeds to kill Victor’s friend Henry Clerval, and Victor is imprisoned. However, he is eventually released and returns to Geneva to marry Elizabeth. On his wedding night, Victor asks Elizabeth to stay in the bedroom and goes out to search for the Creature. The Creature chokes Elizabeth, and Victor witnesses her death through the window. Victor’s father also dies, leaving him all alone.

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What Does the Monster Mean by the Phrase “I Will Be with You on Your Wedding Night”?
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Seeking revenge, Victor pursues the Creature to the North Pole. However, he dies of exhaustion before reaching it. Before his death, Victor advises the captain to seek happiness in tranquility and avoid ambition. The Creature appears to the captain and realizes the guilt for the murders, acknowledging that revenge did not bring relief.

Mary Shelley’s novel explores the consequences of rash decisions, the dangers of playing with science and life, and the themes of love and hate. Victor’s vanity leads to the deaths of innocent people, including Elizabeth. While the Creature seeks revenge, it ultimately realizes its responsibility for the murders. Victor attempts to redeem himself, but the tragedy cannot be blamed solely on any character.


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