What does The Metamorphosis’ ending mean?

The novella concludes with the death of Gregor Samsa and the family’s subsequent trip to the countryside. This event holds symbolic meaning, as Gregor’s passing frees him from his physical and emotional suffering. The family experiences a sense of relief as they no longer have to bear the burden of caring for him. They begin to make plans for their future, signifying the start of a new chapter in their lives.

In the final section of the book, Gregor’s physical condition worsens, and he becomes increasingly isolated from his family. His father despises him and has physically harmed him in the past, while his mother cannot bear to look at him. His relationship with Grete also deteriorates, and she becomes increasingly neglectful of him. This theme of isolation serves as an allegory for the feelings of loneliness and disconnection that many people experience in modern society.

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One evening, the family’s lodgers witness Grete playing the violin and catch sight of Gregor, causing them to refuse to pay for their stay. This event leads to Grete insisting that the family must dispose of Gregor. Hearing this, Gregor retreats to his room and dies soon after. His passing is marked by a sense of weakness, and his head sinks to the floor as his last breath leaves him.

Gregor’s death symbolizes the end of the family’s suffering and his own. The Samsas feel a sense of relief, as Gregor is no longer a burden to them. Additionally, the circumstances surrounding Gregor’s transformation and death suggest a metaphor for self-sacrifice. Gregor exhibits altruistic traits and may have sacrificed himself to provide financial stability for his family.

Following Gregor’s death, the family decides to take a day off work and go for a walk. They reflect on their situation and realize how fortunate they are to have steady employment. They also observe that Grete has blossomed into a beautiful young woman, prompting Mr. and Mrs. Samsa to begin looking for a husband for her to secure their financial future. The novella’s conclusion signifies the start of a new beginning for the family.

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