What does the lord of the castle propose to Gawain?

In Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, the lord of Hautdesert castle proposes a deal to Gawain. According to the agreement, the lord and his men go hunting while Gawain stays at the castle. At the end of each day, the two are to exchange everything they acquired. This deal is later revealed to be part of Morgan le Faye’s plan to test Gawain’s honesty.


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The lord’s wife offers Gawain a green girdle that can protect him from death. Gawain sees this as his only chance to survive a blow from the Green Knight and keeps the girdle secret from the lord. Gawain’s decision to lie is seen as a moment of weakness. However, he later transforms the dishonorable act into an honorable one by keeping the girdle as a reminder of his failure and liability.


Overall, the deal between the lord and Gawain represents a test of the main character’s honesty and integrity. Gawain’s decision to withhold the girdle showcases his human weaknesses, but his willingness to hold himself accountable for his actions is a sign of his honorable nature.


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