What Does The Lord Of The Castle Propose To Gawain?

For a few weeks, Gawain traveled through a cold and mysterious terrain until he stumbled upon a grand castle. It was close to Christmas and he was warmly welcomed into the castle and invited to join in the festivities. He was given the best of treatment and the lord of the castle proposed a Christmas game. Gawain said he would love to join in the fun, but he was obligated to go to the Green Chapel by New Year’s. The lord of the castle reassured him that the chapel was close by and then explained the game. Every day, the lord would go hunting and Gawain would stay in the castle. At the end of each day, they would exchange what each had caught. The lord of the castle went hunting and caught various prey while Gawain was in the castle and was faced with the lady of the castle’s romantic advances. Gawain politely declined her, but they exchanged a kiss each day. When the lord of the castle returned, he would give Gawain his prey from the day’s hunt and Gawain would kiss the lord. On the third day, the lady of the castle gave Gawain a green sash that was said to protect him from any harm. When the lord returned, Gawain chose not to give him the sash. The next day, Gawain was given directions to the Green Chapel and he left to fulfill his obligation.


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